LtCol Frank Wessels

LtCol Frank Wessels has more than 30 years experience in the Royal Dutch Army, Medical Corps.

He worked as an Officer Nurse many years in several positions in the Dutch Military Hospital. He joined missions in Srebrenica & Novi Travnic/Sipovo (former Yugoslavia), Kandahar & Tarin Kowt (Afghanistan). After the study MBA at Erasmus University Rotterdam, he became a policy officer at Ministery of Defence in The Haque. In his previous position, he was assigned as Executive of the Human Factors & Medicine Panel for more than 4 years at NATO Science & Technology Organisation in Paris, the Science Office of NATO. In his current position, he has been requested by the Surgeon General Army to give content to Knowledge and Innovation, New Medical Technology and Concept Development & Experimentation in the field of Operational Military Health Care.