It is with regret that due to the present situation surrounding Covid-19 the Warrior Care in 21st Century organising committee have unfortunately had to take the decision that we are not able to stage the event at this time.

Surgeon Commander Remco Blom, Defense Healthcare Organisation Commander and Military Medical Authority of the Armed Forces of The Netherlands: 'In my current position, but also as a medical doctor, I am enthusiastic about the symposium. Innovation and the implementation of innovative ideas form part of my duties within the military healthcare service. This symposium falls in line with that perfectly, with its international collaboration of scientists and the people putting ideas into practice. It thereby forms a link in the chain leading to even better patient care, which then could lead to a breakthrough in the life of a physically or psychologically wounded soldier or veteran. And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about and why we are in this field.'


Colonel Prof. Dr. Eric Vermetten, chairman of the program committee: 'The symposium is very forward focussed. I say this because there are  important, if not revolutionary, developments taking shape within the military health service. Take, for example, the spectacular new developments within the field of prosthetics, including the use of robotics. And take the greatly improved possibilities in the area of virtual reality within the military mental health care. The chosen design of the symposium - a clever combination of plenary sessions, teams and pitches - offers participants ample opportunities to acquire and exchange knowledge and experience. All within an inspiring international context with top-notch keynote speakers and experiential warriors.'   





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Dear colleagues -

2020 is a memorable year for the Netherlands.

We are celebrating 75 years of liberty, a peace achieved by the sacrifices of many and upheld with the efforts of our armed forces. Despite an increase in the severity of injuries, troops on the battlefield are surviving better than ever before. Military officials and their allies have made a priority of taking care of those wounded returning from war.

Peace is precious and comes at a price. A price we, as a medical community, are trying to keep as low as possible.

The Netherlands Defense Department is hosting the fifth Warrior Care in the 21st Century symposium May 5-7 in The Hague, to discuss novel breakthrough technologies and capabilities, policies and programs.

I have the pleasure to invite you to the 5th Warrior Care of the 21st Century Symposium.

Global Sharing of Best Practices

Established in 2015, the Warrior Care in the 21st Century coalition supports global sharing of warrior care best practices and lessons learned. Health providers are then able to identify viable and innovative solutions to current and future challenges in the areas of resilience, recovery and rehabilitation, and reintegration.

Medical advances and research have led to decreased fatality rates of service members, but new challenges require innovative, yet proven, solutions. Warrior Care in the 21st Century is a significant step toward building partner capacity, improving interagency interoperability, and expanding delivery of medical and nonmedical treatments and therapies to wounded, ill and injured service members who have sacrificed so much.

Senior military and civilian representatives worldwide will join our Minister of Defense and Officials of the Netherlands Veterans Institute and National Health Care Systems for Veterans at the meeting. The group will discuss current and future care for service members, veterans, families and caregivers.

There will be a 2-day plenary programme with keynote speakers from a range of disciplines and nationalities, echoing the lived experiences of those wounded on the battlefield. Aside of that three in-person work groups – led by Australia (resilience), the United Kingdom (recovery and rehabilitation), and Georgia (reintegration) – will address key topics in each focus area to adjust the coalition’s long-term strategy. They will deliver a communique at the end of the 2-days.

Those who wish to follow symposium updates, view event photos and join in on the warrior care conversation can do so at Twitter @WarriorCare and/or #WarriorCare2020.

Col Prof Dr Eric Vermetten, Programme committee Chair